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Construction Services

Formal Bid Solicitation Process Summary

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Step 1 Notification of the hard bid for solicitation comes from Director of Construction Services
Step 2

The Project Manager of Construction Services prepares the Legal Notice for the Formal Bid Solicitation.

  1. The Legal Notice includes the following:
    • Formal Bid Due Date, time and address of the location bids will be received (Any bid or proposal received after the designated deadline shall not be accepted or considered)
    • Public opening of the bids occurs immediately after the bids are received.
    • Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Date, time and address of location (scheduled at least 5 days from the advertisement date)
    • Mandatory Site Walk-Thru Meeting Date, time and location address (Bids will only be accepted from firms duly represented at both Pre-bid and Site Walk Thru meetings. Bidders arriving after the designated time to start the meeting will not be allowed to attend the meeting.)
    • Bid Opening Meeting Date and location address
    • Statement that the All Meetings are open to the public. The Bid Document will be made available on the Construction Services Website after the Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting
  2. The Director of Construction Services reviews the Legal Notice prior to submittal of ad
  3. The Legal Notice is then submitted to the local newspaper for advertisement.
    • Ads are placed in the Sunday edition of the local newspaper and are due to the Fort Myers News-Press by noon on the Thursday prior to the Sunday advertisement date
    • A copy of the ad is printed off of the newspaper’s website and placed in the RFQ file for confirmation
  4. The Project Manager of Construction Services sends an e-mail from our data base of firms with Legal Notice attached
  5. Legal Notice is then posted on the District’s Public Website
  6. If any dates need to be changed, it must be advertised in the news press 48 hours prior to the new date.
    • The Project Manager of Construction Services will notify initial firms of the change via e-mail
    • E-mail verification is kept in the file
Step 3

Meeting Invitations are sent out to the following:

  1. Mandatory Pre-Submission Meeting – Director of Construction Services, Project Manager responsible for project
  2. Mandatory Walk Thru Meeting – Director of Construction Services, Project Manager responsible for project
  3. Formal Bid Solicitation Opening - Director of Construction Services, Project Manager responsible for project
Step 4

Project Manager of Construction Services types information specific to project into Bid template. Specific information follows:

  • Location, day, date and time of all meetings
    1. Mandatory Pre-Submission Meeting
      • This is a Mandatory Meeting
      • Firms are not allowed to submit an Bid unless they attend this meeting
      • Project information sheets are handed out at meeting
      • Once meeting is over, Bid documents are e-mailed to all attendees
      • Project Manager of Construction Services then downloads Bid documents onto Construction Service’s external website
      • Questions pertaining to the project are e-mailed to the Project Manager of Construction Services who obtains answer from appropriate Project Manager / Staff Architect and e-mails answer back out to everyone (e-mail confirmation is retained in Bid file)
    2. Bid Due Dates
      • Qualifications must be received by a designated time on the due date
      • Project Manager of Construction Services notifies secretaries throughout the building of submittal date and time and asks that all submittals be brought to the Construction Services Department
      • When Bids are received, the logged in with the date, time and initials of the person receiving the bid
      • If Bids are received after the due date, the firm submitting the package is notified via phone that the package was denied and asked to pick up the package. Once the firm arrives, they are handed a letter explaining the reason
Step 5

Formal Bid Opening

  1. The Superintendent or designee is authorized to publicly open and tabulate bids for construction or improvement of School Board property at a time and place designated by them or other designated staff members.
  2. The bid shall be recommended for rejection through School Board action should the low bid bidder:
    • Have a bid in excess of the budget for the project
    • Be determined incomplete or not reliable
    • Have failed to provide the necessary bid security

Formal Bid Tabulation

  1. Draft bid tabulation is developed and evaluation of bids are performed
  2. Formal Bid tabulation sheet is completed and delivered to The Director of Construction.
Step 6

Board Action Item

  1. Secretary to Director of Construction Services prepares an agenda item for the next Board Action Meeting to request the School Board approve the bid to the lowest or best bidder and authorization for the Superintendent to execute all documents. Once Board approval is received, a purchase order is issued and work begins.